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3lb - WOW special Rosh Hashanah package (medium)

3lb - WOW special Rosh Hashanah package (medium)

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Delivered for Rosh Hashanah
September 14-15th
This ChallahGram will not only WOW your friend, it will create a"Shock and Share" experience. You shock your friend with an unexpected, huge ChallahGram. Your friend can't finish that ChallahGram so they "Share" the Challah! There's nothing like breaking bread with friends. Perfect for an occasion like a friend's birthday, anniversary, baby naming; or for a "Just Because" gift.
Add the Rosh Hashanah special to you WOW Callah to make it sweet!

(Delivered for Rosh Hashanah)


  • 3-lbWOW Challah
  • Honey cake (1 lb)
  • Grape juice bottle
  • Honey jar (1 oz)
  • A Customized wish card
  • A Brooklyn gift wrap
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