Why Huge

Why Hugh

A ChallahGram creates dozens of memorable moments!

Now you're asking, how does one gift create such a wave?
We call it the "Shock and Share" experience. You shock your friend with an unexpected, huge ChallahGram.

Your friend can't finish that ChallahGram so they "Share" the Challah! There's nothing like breaking bread with friends!

So, the Challah now becomes a conversational piece, creating memorable experiences for all involved! (Visit our Blog for Tips on maximizing the Shock component.)
Didn't we say dozens of memorable moments!!

"That huge ChallahGram got my whole office on wheels! It became an exceptional conversational piece!"

"It is probably THE BEST gift I have ever seen. It really made our day and I plan to send these to everyone!! Thank you for giving us all a BIG smile today…we needed it."

Enjoy your ChallahGram experience!