Our Story

 When I turned 13 my father promised to give me a very special gift, but on one condition; that I visit 10 senior citizen homes and bring them the joy of the upcoming holidays. I did it, and it changed my life! It taught me that "the enjoyment of seeing someone else smile is even more satisfying than smiling yourself". This theme stayed with me as I grew up.


Generating joy became joyful! Now you can understand how I came up with ChallahGram when searching for a unique way to express my gratitude to close friends and colleagues.


The all too common flowers or chocolate didn't feel right. I wanted something that would stand out and leave a memorable experience.


Then it hit me, a ceremonial Challah! A huge 6 lb Challah would do it! I remember laughing as I thought of the reactions this would generate. You see, gifting Challah, creating a platform where smiles are generated - that's the kind of thing I enjoy!


I chose the best tasting Brooklyn ChallahTM. Each Challah comes with a wisdom card, an inspirational quote drawn from real life experiences. I wanted to create an authentic experience, and, hey, Brooklyn ChallahTM has got to be authentic! Voila! The Challah made waves and anyone who received the Challah remembered that moment.


I got emails back titled WOW! So I called it the WOW Challah!


People posted pictures of themselves with the huge Challah on facebook. What I found exceptional, was how people from all backgrounds were warmed by the Challah experience.


Now with Challahgram, we're striving to make the ChallahGram Experience accessible to all. We've made it easy for anyone, anywhere, to share and order the WOW with their friends and family.


Thank you for visiting. We welcome your feedback and stories, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me and the team.


Sincerely, Menachem