Our Challah

Challah's unique soft taste makes it an exceptional bread.

But, did you know that the larger the Challah - the softer and tastier the inside texture becomes? Whether you dip Challah in a spread, or make Challah french toast, our huge Brooklyn ChallahTM will redefine the Challah experience!

Now, taste is not the only factor in a food experience. Presentation is too! We take special care that each Challah carries itself in a magnificent way, from the shape of the challah, to its balanced weight, height and width, all the way to the sesame and poppy seeds that are sprinkled on top. It's simply beautiful!
Wait. That's not it. We take pride in the quality and freshness of our Brooklyn baked Challah.

We adhere to the highest standards of Kashrut with certification from the OK Laboratories. Our carefully selected ingredients, the timing of Challah preparation, and the type of packaging we use, every detail counts and contributes to the great fresh taste of our Challah.

We are so confident in our challah that if you are dissatisfied with the freshness of our Challah, we would be happy to offer you a full credit to ChallahGram.com.

Our 24" WOW Challah has the ultimate 'Shock and Share' effect. WOW is only said when we come across something shockingly unexpected! A 6 lb ChallahGram is just that! The experience continues when you can't really finish the challah on your own, so you find ways to share your experience!

That's when the fun begins!

We  are thrilled to be the first to introduce to the world this fabulous ChallahGram experience! Enjoy!