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2LB Shavuot package

2LB Shavuot package

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We guarantee the freshness & WOW Effect of your Brooklyn ChallahGram!

Delivered for Shavuot
Tuesday, June 12th
This Brooklyn ChallahGram creates a wow factor like no other! We call it the "Shock and Share" experience. You shock your friend with an unexpected, huge ChallahGram. Your friend can't finish that ChallahGram so they "Share" the Challah! There's nothing like breaking bread with friends! So, the Challah now becomes a conversational piece, creating memorable experiences for all involved! Perfect for an occasion like a friend's birthday, anniversary, baby naming; or for a "Just Because" gift.

  • 2 2-lb Ceremonial WOW Challah
  • 2 assorted Cheese pastries
  • A Customized Gift Note
  • A Brooklyn Shavuot gift wrap
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